White Community Land Voucher and Purchase

This is an example based on a bitcoin run community of a 1000 people: 
Each family will also receive 10 sets of coupons 1830 worth of community currency.(HH88,OC,RH,QI) The HH88 is redeemable for btc once 1000 applicants have been processed. The HH88 serves as a savings bond while the other currency coupons to be traded within the community.

The face value of the 10 sets will be 1830 in community currency to which 880 can be exchanged for btc once 420 sets of coupon wallets are released. See sample of community currency here.

White Community Activities and Needs

Land Security Farming Equipment supplied by a Community CoOp Farm construction and community service building construction Community Planning of events

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  • Address: 15qgr8oj3eEXCAX8VT9CcGbkTimSfHz1JX